“We are with you”

“We are with you”
In solidarity, Ecole Mondiale World School, Mumbai

The tragedy in Peshawar led to a flood of goodwill and solidarity messages from India to Pakistan. The group ‘Friendships Without Borders – Aao Dosti Karein’  shares some examples
‘Together we stand’

Nidhi Shendurnikar

Nidhi Shendurnikar

Nidhi Shendurnikar Tere from Baroda, India, sent this note “I, as an Indian citizen, feel pained and aggrieved at the present moment. The attack in Peshawar was an attack against humanity, and it should be out rightly condemned. There is no forgiveness for such a dastardly incident by cowards who claim to be true followers but in reality are a disgrace to both religion and humanity.

“This is a moment of grief for both countries, and India stands in solidarity with Pakistan and its people. Killing innocent children is a sign of desperation and frustration, and both India and Pakistan are united to fight against the enemies of humanity.  “Together we stand till we end this menace. More so, in this hour as we pledge that no more lives will be sacrificed and peace will be our only goal, we stand united more than ever before.”

No this side that side today
A ghazal by a poet from Delhi
By Aditi Rao

City of Flowers
For Peshawar, 16 December 2014

My temples pound with laughters that died today.
Fences collapse. No this side that side today.
I made a hundred thirty two paper dolls, drew neckties,
burned them one by one, then finally cried today.
A bloodied pencil. A broken ruler. The impossibility
of measurement. No desks under which to hide today.
A teacher who saved two hundred lives, cries
when called a hero. A heart too tight for pride today.
Mine is not the grey silence of the unmoved.
The matted hair has left me tongue-tied today.
And the dead, listening to the wails of those who remain:
do you, at least, have someone in whom to confide today?
To leave the city’s famed flowers blooming, or to lay
them all at gravesides — who should decide today?
Your cliches do not warm them, Aditi.
If you say more, you will have lied today.

From Mumbai to Peshawar

Sixth grade students from Ecole Mondiale World School in Mumbai made cards in solidarity with the innocent children who lost their lives in Peshawar at the hands of the Taliban.

Aao Dosti Karein (ADK) expressed gratitude to the teacher Tulika Bathija for making time during school hours for students to work on these cards and send them across.

The messages carry words of comfort like: “We are with you, no matter

what” and “Always remember, you are not alone”.

“Though India and Pakistan never played nice with each other, we really felt bad for you. I really hope this won’t happen again,” said card signed, “With love, Aditi”.  “The children who give us hope for friendship and peace between India and Pakistan,” comments ADK.

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